It’s your turn :)

Next month BOYSKISSLOVE celebrate it’s 1 year anniversary and I would like to know from you all, what do you want to see here?

Should I post more single boys? More videos? Anything new?

Send me a message or kik me (boyskisslove) and tell me what you think. :)

Can’t wait for your suggestions.

Hey there, just a question, im a little concerned, i am 18 and i have a massive crush on this guy, but the only problem is he's 14 (15 next month i must add) but is this too young? I mean he's so sweet and we're really into each other, im just so unsure on what i should do! Please help
AnonymousAsked by Anonymous

The thing is the legal age in your country. It’s probably not allowed and you need to accept it. But sometimes love is stronger, and for me it would make no difference how old my crush is…